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Rabu, 09 Desember 2009

happiness in the marital relationship  

Talking about family, all people in the world have had a happy family, well-established, well-being. All this certainly requires effort and sacrifice and hard work of all the elements in a family from the father, mother and children. A father as head of the family is expected to do his job well and correctly in guiding his wife and children so that they are not out of line or violate religious norms.

Likewise with a mother, as a mother should always accompany and serve her husband well and correctly so that your husband can get the joy of a good wife was born and happiness inner happiness. In the absence of conflicts that arise on the husband and wife in a household, making parents more optimally in maintaining and monitoring the activities of children for a better and awake.

It is very sensitive in a marital relationship that many are raised in the rights of sexuality or marital relationship in the inner satisfaction. Not a few broken marital relationship dissatisfaction caused a husband or wife in sexual relations that led to an affair with someone else and will automatically interrupt the integrity of the household. Dissatisfaction in the relationship of husband and wife in bed, may be due to a lack of communication between husband and wife in terms of sexuality.

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